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Contact nameGolubeva
Steel typeCLAM
Ion fluxφ /m-2.s-11e+23 – 1e+24 [D pulsed high heat plasma loading, 0.3 MJ/m2, 1 ms]
Ion fluenceΓ /m-2in 1 pulse big uncertainity; 1 and 5 pulses (see "ion flux" column)
Ion energy per DE /eV20 – 30
Sample thicknesst /mm3
Sample temperatureT /Kbelow melting
Sample temperature measurement locationbackside; heat transfer to cooling system
Analysis methodTDS
Retained deuteriumDtot /m-21.8e+20 – 2.3e+20
Image filesFig_5_AG.jpg, Fig_Total_Ret_AG.jpg