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Diffusion of Tritium in CuCrZr Alloys

Parameters for diffusion of tritium in copper-chromium-zirconium (CuCrZr) alloys.

Diffusivity temperature dependence formula$$D = D_0\exp\left(-\frac{E_\mathrm{d}}{k_\mathrm{B}T}\right)$$

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pk T /K D0 /m2 s-1 Ed /eV Composition Note
R46573 – 8730.0005050.9640.65 wt% Cr, 0.1 wt% ZrHydrogen-isotope transport in an ELBRODUR G CuCrZr alloy for nuclear applications in heat sinks, Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 473, May 2016, Pages 112–118
R47700 – 8000.01631.21.1% Cr, 0.1% ZrDeuterium transport in Cu, CuCrZr, and Cu/Be, Journal of Nuclear Materials 266-269 (1999) 761-765
R48553 – 7733.92e-070.4180.65 wt% Cr, 0.08 wt% ZrHydrogen and deuterium transport and inventory parameters in a Cu–0.65Cr–0.08Zr alloy for fusion reactor applications Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volumes 258–263, Part 1, October 1998, Pages 1028–1032
R49593 – 7732.05e-050.6790.65 % Cr, wt. 0.05 % ZrInteraction of Copper Alloys with Hydrogen, Copper Alloys – Early Applications and Current Performance – Enhancing Processes