Glossary of Computational Methods

The following abbreviations are used for the theoretical methods used in calculating collisional cross sections. If you are a data provider and your computational method is not listed here, please contact

AOCC Atomic‐orbital close‐coupling
BPRM Breit-Pauli R-Matrix
BSR B-spline R-matrix
CC Close-coupling
CCC Convergent close-coupling
CM Classical Mechanics
CMD Classical molecular dynamics
CTMC Classical trajectory Monte Carlo
DARC Dirac atomic R-matrix code
DFT Density functional theory
DW Distorted-wave
GM Gryzinski method
GTDSE Time-dependent Schrödinger equation with the GridTDSE package
H-CTMC Hydrogenic-classical trajectory Monte Carlo
HSCC Hyper spherical close-coupling
LCP Local complex potential
MCCC Molecular convergent close-coupling
M-CTMC Microcanonical-classical trajectory Monte Carlo
MQDT Multichannel quantum defect theory
QCMD Quantum-classical molecular dynamics
QCTMC Quasi-classical trajectory Monte Carlo
QMOCC Quantum-mechanical molecular orbital close-coupling
RCCC Relativistic Convergent close-coupling
RDW Relativistic distorted-wave
RM R-matrix
RMPS R-matrix with pseudo-states
SC Semi-classical
SC-AOCC Semi-classical atomic-orbital close-coupling
TC-AOCC Two-center atomic orbital close-coupling
TC-BGM Two-center basis generator method
TD Time-dependent
TDCC Time-dependent close-coupling
TDSE Time-dependent Schrödinger equation
TMMM Threshold modified Mott and Massey
WP-CCC Wave packet convergent close-coupling